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Originally Posted by Stewdza View Post
Okay then. So the problem still persists, although the engine is implanted since 2012...And they are still offering that engine?
Did they fix sometning in a newer models? They are familiar with this problem. Toyota rebuilt their gasoline direct injection engine and fixed an issue.

If not, what can i do as owner of this engine? I don't expect to clean engine at 50 000 km.

Kia Motors know that GDI engine have that issue, and they offer 7-year guarantee, I do not understand how they are worth it. I hope that this problem will not occur to me, fuel quality in my country is very bad.

Thank you all for recommendations for the future.

I'm a little disappointed.
The only fix for this GDI intake valve buildup is to also provide a port or port injectors that can be used to basically rinse the intake valves periodically. Many newer engines from Ford and Toyota, there may be others, now have port injectors as well as direct injectors for this very reason., to keep the valves clean.

Otherwise, an oil catch can can certainly reduce this problem but won't eliminate it.

I suspect as these engines acquire mileage this problem is going to become much more common. I'm not looking forward to it either as I have an SX with GDI
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