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Originally Posted by Stewdza View Post
Hello to all.

I bought 2017 new Kia Cee'd (restyling was 2016) with 1.6 GDI engine. I read that this GDI (direct injection) have
problem with Carbon Buildup (like some TSI engines by VW). Did Hyndai/Kia Corp fix this issue so far, because
they have this engine from 2012? Did Kia Official Service know something about this it
maybe fixed on the latest models, does it even exist? When i can expect to loose power?

" Even at the first check-up (5,000 miles), borescope footage showed intake valve deposits forming.
At each subsequent check-up, we noticed deposit buildup continued in the intake valves and intake ports."

Thanks a lot.
The problem is that GDI engines have a dry induction path. The fuel is sprayed directly into the combustion chamber. Because of this the incoming fuel that washes down the intake valves in a rail injected engine is absent. For the most part the deposits are thought to be caused by oil being introduced into the intake manifold from the PCV valve. A lot of folks have dealt with this by installing an aftermarket oil/air separator in the hose between the PCV valve and the manifold to trap the unwanted oil.
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