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Originally Posted by soulsport View Post
That's the problem, there are no better sites and by the way Bitch, you are the 1st one that bitched about the post with your capitals posting this is not a technical site. You neglect to alter or change or add more categories to actually help people. Why don't you read the other posts, they all agree. You don't need advanced members per se that refuse to address major problems. This is a major problem with this board. There really is not a lot of help for KIA's and you refuse to address that you need a category that says Technical Assistance or help from KIA mechanics or repair people. Sure wouldn't hurt unless you were one of the people who answered.

So, I am not paying people to answer my question. Why should I. That is the world today, everybody wants money for anything they do. When I was a kid on weekends my Dad took us to neighbors houses and we fixed whatever they needed for free and vice versa. Money was not even in the equation. Was never asked about. This is a free forum, should offer free advice. That is my free advice. Offer more instead of people wasting there time on this board. Even dealers will sometimes answer more questions free than what this board does. It is a ridicule to KIA owners in need of help sometimes. Makes some people look like they are idiots on their own KIA cars. Probably your generation. I am over 70 years old. We help each other for FREE.
geez, I think you need to lighten up a little soulsport. We have some pretty bright people here, some with specialized knowledge and some with more general experience. Trying to diagnose somebodies problem based on their description of it can be a real crap shoot.

Nobodies claiming to have all the answers to whatever problem your car has. But it's worth a shot.

In many ways, you get what you pay for, but here I think you get way more than what you pay for. Are you ticked off because someone sent you a bill?

p.s.over 70? ...big deal, get back to me when you make 80.

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