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Originally Posted by nighthawkGT View Post
got the same problem too with our K2700 kia. at first i didnt notice it since it was being driven within the city at speeds below 60kph. power was ok. but last week i tried using it in the highway the engine wont allow to travel above 80kph, it feels like the engine is restricted at that point, and the exhaust starts to blow smoke out. but when i reduce the speed to about 60kph, there is no noticeable smoke at the back. on my way back, i cant even reach 80kph anymore, its down to about 70kph..

anyway i never tried any of those above solutions. i might try replacing the fuel filter first. any other quick solutions? or explain why the engine is acting that way?

thanks guys. glad to be here in KIA forums. cheers!
Hi, I'm keen to hear what you did to resolve this problem......?

I'm experiencing the same problem with my K2700 at the moment, It's fine if driven at low speed but struggles at higher speed (jittering effect as if there is not enough fuel getting into the system) I would like to know what you did to get it resolved. We took out the screen under the union, had a spring and two washers removed but must say running alot worst since doing that, there was a little dirt in that little screen but not that much. Now loses power at a lower speed 60km/hr, and then struggles to idle after that.

Been told it could be the transverse pump with in the fuel pump or even air getting into the system somehow, going to look at the housing where the fuel pump attaches to see if air gets in there

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