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Question Need to purchase my first set of tires and brake pads any recommendations and advice?

Car: 2013 Kia Forte Ex Sedan
Location: Utah County
Travel: About 44 miles driven daily 5 times a week to work and back, mainly on freeway. Most other driving times usually are for just a few miles or so. Also occasionally drive further, like 20 miles or just 10 miles, sometimes but rarely 50+ miles or higher for a rare road trip.
Tires: P195/65R15 89T (They also say M+S NEXEN RADIAL TUBELESS CLASSE PREMIERE CP662 if this helps)

So I am not too knowledgeable about cars and at my most recent service they said my tire tread on all four tires was getting to basically the last of its tread and that I was going to need a new set of tires soon. They also said my brake pads were wearing thin, especially the back ones and they'll need to be replace by next inspection.

I've been looking at tires today but I know nothing of the sort when it comes to brands and such. I am completely clueless as I have never bought tires before (or brake pads). So I thought I'd ask some questions, get some recommendations and advice. The more I know the better.

There are tires that are as low as 50 dollars per tire and then there are tires that are up to and even over 100 dollars each. What are the differences? Do you get more bang for your buck with more expensive tires? Would they last over twice as long? How do they justify prices? And what sort of cost range for tires do you recommend shopping for? Also what kind of brands do you recommend? There are just so many brands like goodyear, dunlop, michelin, bridgestone and like a hundred more. And then there are types of tires like super sport and whatever else there is... I just have no idea what I am looking for. I just want good quality, long lasting and great priced tires. But with so much variety, I have no idea what to even start with. I also need to get them installed too.

As for brake pads, are they generic? If not, any recommendations would be appreciated! And can I get them installed with the tires or do I put them on myself? Or is there some specialty place that has to do it?

I hope I gave enough information! Sorry for all the questions... Thank you so much for the help, suggestions and advice for this clueless person.

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