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Originally Posted by derekagraham View Post
If the timing is off would it cover and go
According to my mechanics words, this car is a dual camshaft so 1 controls intake the other out(exhaust), so when one is close the other should be open. there are two marks in each cam so when cam 1 is on mark A , cam 2 should be on Mark B. In my case when cam 1 was on mark A, cam 2 also was on Mark A, so there wasn't a complete open/close valve cycle. Meaning that before the intake valve was completly closed the exhasut was already opening, that causes loss of compression and therefore power and all kinds of silly behaviour from the enginge that on my case was 75% of the problem, another 15% was the crank sensor eventhough was new had to replaced with a used "working" one. The other 10% Im still trying to figure out, and yes you will need a good mechanic to tackle this.

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