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Belt squeaky? 2007 Kia Optima

Hey all, so I'm pretty much your stereotypical girl and don't know a whole ton about cars. But recently (since it's gotten colder) I've noticed my belt (I'm thinking anyway) is a little bit squeaky. I can't hear it unless I turn my heat and radio and whatever off. It's not particularly loud or anything, but I just noticed it.

I had my belt checked at my last oil change 3 months ago (going in for another one at the end of the week, don't worry) and they said everything looked fine, no tears or anything and I haven't driven a crazy amount of miles in that time.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I'd noticed it a squeaking a bit in the summer, and put some sort of belt spray (which is to say my Dad did) on it and that stopped the noise until now (about a week I've been noticing it). Is this something I should be terribly concerned about?

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