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2002 Kia Spectra Vibration/Motor Mounts and Starting Questions

Hello, I have two small problems with my spectra and would appreciate any insight.

1. I have a bad vibration that is present at all times (even when idling) and I can feel in the stick coming from the engine. The vibration is especially bad when I am around 80kpm but is bad at all times. I assumed this was a motor mount issue but could it be something else? Could someone direct me to a guide on how to check them and even change them?

2. When I start my car sometimes, the engine flutters like it isn't getting gas and then after 1-5 seconds it runs normally. It does not do this when I start my car up again after recently driving it (within 1-2 hours). It happens when I left my car sit overnight and come to start it up in the morning. It's not a big deal yet but I'm worried it might develop into something. Any ideas?

Thank you!

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Definitely it is engine mounts and you should replace all 4 of them if you can. I had the same vibration problem and it is soooo irritating. After i replace all 4 now everything is fine. But buy original mounts from the agent. Sometimes the engine gets so low that it hits the lower metal plate like thing also. you should check that too. Your engine start up problem i have that too. it is not connected to the vibrations. it is actually a fuel pressure problem. Car needs to maintain a certain fuel pressure in order to spray the fuel from the injectors to the pistons. But when you stop the car and the fuel pump stops, the fuel in the car looses it's pressure. That is why your car won't start on the first attempt. But when you try to start on the first try the fuel pump starts working and the fuel pressure will be restored. Then when you do the second attempt to start the vehicle it starts without a problem. There is a fuel pressure gadget and you should replace it. I don't know where it is located. May be near the fuel pump. Still i have not yet replaced it. So if you do replace it, please share you experience. thanks
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Welcome to kia-forums and thank you for reaching out to help someone!
Here are some more tips for the "Original Poster"...

I agree that the motor mounts are probably gone. They were not too well made in early Sephia/Spectras. Check out rockauto.com for parts (or ebay!).

If you have a manual transmission look at StreetKiaz.com.. A regular there is making replacement bushings to correct a very sloppy shifting (1-2,2-3). There are lots of great comments about the improvements over original OEM bushings.

You may want to try to clean the IAC (idle air control) valve. It's located in the large aluminum "tube" (throttle body) in the back of the engine. There is a butterfly valve/round metal disk that opens and closes to control the idle speed. The "throat" of the throttle body and the butterfly valve really get carboned up over the miles and years...Get a can of carburetor/choke cleaner, some plumbers "flux brushes" (Harbor Freight) , and a soft cotton rag... and give her a good cleaning...Push the butterfly valve open (push on bottom of valve) and clean around the areas it touches when it's closed..The butterfly will stick to this stuff if not removed and will cause starting problems..

Also remove and clean the EGR valve that is usually located in a large rubber grommet somewhere on the valve cover. It will have a black rubber hose hose attached to the other end. The carb/choke cleaner will work here also

Spark plugs and wires are other items that will add to the starting problems if they are worn out. CHECK the gaps of the new plugs as EVEN the pre-gapped plugs are usually gapped wrong for KIAs... The correct spark plug gap settings are on a label attached under the hood. I'd bet the auto parts place (like Advance or Autozone) would check and set them correctly for you ("if" you supply the correct numbers from the label).
KIAs like NGK brand plugs.

These are items that don't cost a lot and WILL improve the performance of the car EVEN if they don't totally "cure" your problems. They will at least improve your chances of making it run better.
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