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Smile 2006 Kia Optima V6 Tps Code/issue

I bought a 2006 KIA OPTIMA V6 used last year, and have loved it ever so much! I am having a bit of issue with it right now though and need some help figuring out what to do. Let me start by saying that I took it to the mechanic when I started having trouble with the throttle every morning. (It only happens in the morning-so I'm not sure if maybe the morning dew is getting into the sensor causing it to freak out??) I would start the car and the check engine light would come on. I would then apply pressure to the gas pedal, and the rpm's would not accellerate. The highest they would get was just below 2K. I would then shut the car off and turn it back on and repeat the process until it was working fine (the engine light would still stay on for a little bit throughout the day though). And the really funny thing is that before all of this there seemed to be a bit of torque when the gears would shift but now it all seems a lot smother(???). That probably has nothing to do with any of this, so let me get to the point. The problem seems to be getting worse (it takes more stops and starts to get the desired affect) so I took it in to my mechanic this morning. They Pulled the codes but could not identify exactly what they stood for. Here's what they came up with....2106/2135/1295...I am pretty sure that the 1295 is the throttle position sensor, and long story short..I just want to check on that and the others to which we have no clue about. I was told that only the dealership has the parts and equipment to deal with the tps. I called the dealership and it doesn't seem like an expensive fix, but I would really appreciate any advice or help with this issue. I am pretty vehicle savvy, but when it comes to codes.....ummm...yeah. And look, if you are going to try and charge me for the help, forget it! I have plenty of friends that know stuff, I just don't really have time. Thanks a bunch!!!

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Your problem is the tps sensor, a very common problem for most. I have a 91 eagle talon with a brand new sensor and it too will have a jumpy idle until it warms up. I also have a 06 optima, things I've noticed; slightly highy idle when warming up, surges slightly when driving not fully warm(worse with a/c on). And yes the tranny on kia's were not made in italy, I wish my kia was a 5speed. I'd say buy the sensor if its in your price range and do it yourself. Your troubles should go away. Sorry I can't help you with codes
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I would have to disagree your problem is most like one of the sensors in the throttle pedal 2135 means Throttle pedal sensor switch fault A/B correlation meaning that the two sensors in the pedal assembly are in disagreement about the pedal position. 2106 is the throttle position in the throttle body but most likely a symptom of the pedal sensors. The 1295 code is throttle motor position fault which means the throttle position isn't at the position the pedal signal is telling the computer to go to. This would also cause the engine control module to limit the engine to 2k rpm this is called "limp home mode" it limits the speed of the engine as to not cause damage but allow you to drive the car to home or for repairs. If your car is under 60,000 miles it should be a warranty item. If not you will most likely have to purchase a new APS or accelerator position sensor.
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I am having the same problme with my Optima 2006.5...TPS problems..

When i start it up in the am.....it wont rev and now I have to turn it off on and on and after a while it kicks in and runs fine..usually for all day til the nexy morning...I was looking for TPS and i find one for the magetis but not the optima... are these the same exact cars and the parts interchangable?

do they make u buy the whole throttle body instead of a 20 dollar sensor?

that will make me very angry...I am not paying $700+ for a $20 part!

anyone got some info for me? thanks

Mike in St Louis
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Magentis and optima are the same car.... Optima is the name for American market in the rest of the world it's called Magentis.
As for the throttle body, not sure.
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