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2006 sedona fuel filter

Owner's manual says change the fuel filter at
37,500 miles. Has anyone done this themselves?
Access panel is obviously under seat behind drivers seat.
any help would be appreciated

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Fuel Filter and Fuel Tank Air Filter

Looks like an in tank filter along with the fuel pump. Instructions good as far as they go, but no picture of where filter is located in the assembly. One of the articles below says you need a special tool, the other doe not mention one. (PS had to delete most pictures to meet posting limits, they are available on KIA Global Service Way site)

I remember there was a recall on noise caused by pump. As long as you will have it apart ..... and If yours was built before 10/19/2006 check out the fix below. Good luck and let us know if you learn something new. George in Wisconsin.

Remove the 2nd seat(s) (Refer to "BD" group in this SERVICE MANUAL).
Remove the Service Cover (A).

Disconnect the Fuel Pump Connector (A).

Start the engine and wait until fuel in fuel line is exhausted.
After the engine stalls, turn the ignition switch OFF.
2.After disconnecting the fuel feed quick connector (A), the fuel pump connector and fuel tank pressure sensor connector (C), remove the fuel pump cover (D).

3.After removing the opening nut (A), remove the fuel pump from the fuel tank.

INSTALLATION1.Install the Fuel Pump assembly according to the reverse order of "REMOVAL" procedure.
Tightening Torque: 78.5 ~ 98.1 Nm (8.0 ~ 10.0 kgfm, 57.9 ~ 72.4 lbfft)

TSB No. KT2007030802 TSB Type General Language English Published 3/8/2007 Model Sedona [VQ](2006) Area N. America Gr./Sys./Comp Fuel System / Fuel Delivery System / Fuel Pump Symptom NNN001 - noise
ENN001 - Noise
NNN002 - vibration
ENN002 - Vibration
Subject 2006MY Sedona Fuel Pump Noise (Fuel - 012) Description
This bulletin provides a repair procedure for fuel pump noise, which may occur on some 2006 Sedona (VQ) vehicles with a production date earlier than 10/19/2006.
Some 2006MY Sedona (VQ) vehicles may exhibit a humming / buzzing noise or vibration from the fuel pump or fuel tank area. To address this condition, secure the fuel pump return line to the fuel pump housing as outlined in the following instructions.

Inspection Procedure:
Prior to performing any work, verify that the vehicle exhibits a humming/buzzing noise or vibration from the fuel pump or fuel tank area, and that the vehicle production date is before 10/19/2006.

Service Procedure Repair Procedure:
1. Remove the fuel pump following the procedure located on KGIS.
2. Locate the return line of the fuel pump module.
3. Install a tie wrap around the return line and through the hole of the fuel pump housing as shown in the photo.
4. Attach the fuel return line to the fuel pump housing tightly without causing the return line to collapse.
5. Trim off excess tie wrap material.
6. Re-install the fuel pump in the reverse order of the removal.
7. Start the engine and confirm there is no fuel leakage. Confirm that the original customer complaint of a humming/buzzing noise has been corrected.

Parts: Locally sourced Tie Wrap
To ensure material is fuel resistant, etc., use 3M part number 06225, or other tie wrap meeting the following specifications:
Type 6/6 Nylon
6" length by 0.14" width
30 lbs or greater tensile strength
Claim Type
Causal P/N
N Code
C Code
Repair Description
Labor Op Code
Related Parts
31110 4D500
R&R Fuel Pump
Install Tie Wrap

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Thanks for the detailed instruction. This is very handy. I am going to replace my fuel filter as a preventive maintenance.

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I changed mine yesterday, and I would rate this procedure as somewhat difficult for the do-it-yourselfer, which I am, but nowhere near as hard as changing a timing belt. Following the steps outlined above from the kgis website was enough for me to get the job done, but here's a few things I wish I had known before starting this project. 1.) Be sure to have a near-empty gas tank to prevent gas from spilling everywhere. 2.) If you must park on an incline, be sure to have the engine facing downward to prevent gas from coming out the tube when you disconnect it. 3.) Have a hammer and punch ready to remove the opening nut. The special tool for this nut is over $100. 4.) Vaccum the top of the pump before lifting it out of the tank to prevent dirt from getting inside. Be sure there are no gas vapors though, because you might blow up your shop vac. 5.) Pay careful attention when disassembling the pump. The filter is an integral part of the whole assembly and a lot is required to replace it. You'll have to unplug several wire connectors and unsnap many plastic latches. After having done the whole procedure, I kind of wonder if it was really necessary. Oh well, it's all back together now, and I followed the recommended replacement guidelines.
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My dealer told me that they never replace the fuel filters on the 2006 Kia Sedona. He said it would be very expensive to do.
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Digging up an old post, hopefully to add to it. Changed out the fuel tank filter on our 3.6L petrol Grand Carnival/Sedona...second hand car, 130000 kms. The thing was trashed...jammed solid with mud, dirt and all the rest. I would highly recommend doing this probably at every 50 thousand kms max.
The big issue...the filter is obviously part of the pump, and inside the pump is a little rubber valve that stops fuel draining back from the injector rack, into the tank, and causing hard starts. This rubber valve is no longer available from Kia Australia. New pump assembly (filter, pump (minus sender) and housing 180 bucks Australian)
However.....the original filter was stuffed. 200 bucks gets me a new filter, new pump and new valves (one drain back valve, outflow seal and tank return seal)...should be another 100 thousand kms of great driving, witha filter change in another 50 thousand kms.
Hope this can help someone...cheers Robbo
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