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Carens Diesel Oil Filter

Has anybody got any tips on how to manouevre the oil filter out on a 2005 2.0 CRDi?

I took a look in and decided to let somebody else skin their knuckles and burn their wrists. Took it to National Tyres for an oil change and they gave up on the filter. It must be possible to get the thing out without unbolting the brake master cylinder, but does anybody know what the route is?

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I haven't got my 05 anymore so can't go out & have a look but don't remember ever having a problem giving it a service, certainly didn't remove the brake servo or anything similar!

Owned 5 Carens as cabs, 3 x Mk2's & 2 x Mk3's & a Kia Magentis 2.0, all diesel & all worked hard for their living! Now got a 2014 Soul 1.6hdi auto in Mixx trim.
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It is in a very awkward place- if it's been overtightened when fitted during a dealer service it can be a real pain. It looks relatively easy to get too but isn't..........

You can get it out, firstly remove the intercooler to give yourself a bit more room, it only takes 5 mins or so provided you can find something to compress the fearsomely strong spring clips that hold the hoses in place, I used a slip-wrench.

There's not enough room to skewer an old screwdriver through it which is what you'd normally do, so you need to look at other methods.

To loosen the filter, which had been overtightened when it was fitted at the last dealer service the car had, so I made up a tool- I used a long socket extension from above with some old seat-belt webbing ( I save everything....) wrapped around the filter and extension, and then cranked the extension to get the webbing to grip tight onto the filter and extension, and it did eventually come loose and I could then spin it off by hand. You can also buy something similar which is what I assume they use in the dealers.

When you refit the new one, oil the seal and don't overtighten- light hand pressure only, and it'll be a lot easier next time! By comparison, the diesel filter takes 10 mins for the whole job, just unbolt the whole assembly from the bulkhead rather than messing around trying to remove the filter in situ

Wife has a '54 plate Series II Carens diesel, I have a '68 Triumph Vitesse convertible and my daily drive is a Rover 214SEi.
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The easy way to change your oil filter on the carens

Although its a very tight squeeze, changing the oil filter on the Carens is a simple affair. And very easy having done it for the first time. I find it easier to change the Carens filter than the filter on my Mondeo, where I have to take the front wheel off to gain access to it.

Here we go:

Remove sump plug and drain oil from Carens. Remove the three bolts that hold the water expansion tank to the car, don't disconnect the expansion tank, just move it aside so now you can see the oil filter much clearer.

Now take out the bolts that holds the air con pipe (well I think its the aircon pipe, there are brake pipes near DO NOT MOVE THESE, OR REMOVE ANY FIXING BOLTS THAT HOLD THE BRAKE PIPES), there is one above and to the left of the oil filter and one near the expansion tank, DO NOT DISCONNECT this pipe, taking the bolts out will enable you to move the pipe half an inch, when you come to removing the oil filter. Now you will need a oil filter removal tool, the strap type, put the strap around the filter, with your socket set, connect a long bar to the oil filter removal tool, then connect your ratchet to the long bar, take up the slack in the strap buy turning anticlockwise, apply more anticlockwise pressure to the racket, the oil filter will then start turning, keep turning until the oil filter is off, now comes the tricky bit, there is a gap where the expansion tank was, put your hand into gain access to the oil filter, you will need to gently move the aircon pipe to one side, now pull the oil filter out, its tricky as there is on about 2mm to spare, so if you have the oil filer in the wrong position it won't come out, it will come out if you get the filter in the correct position. Once out, get your new oil filter put a iittle engine oil on the rubber seal, and put it back the same way as you took it out. Tighten hand tight, now fill with oil and start engine, check that there is no oil escaping from the seal of the oil filter, if OK, put back the bolts that hold the air con pipe and the expansion bottle, having done the job once you wil find it a doddle, next time.

It's simples!!

I suppose the Koreans have much smaller hands than us British brutes, the job looks impossible, but its not, Korean engineering wins again.
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