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Originally Posted by DavesSpectra View Post
I have looked through the electrical wiring for this car and I agree with him replacing the multifunction stalk switch.... Under $40 won't even pay for 1/3hr labor diagnostics at the dealer...and it won't break the bank...
keep us posted on what you found..
Tracked the package and it's in town as of this evening.
Delivery tomorrow and I'll try to install it then too.
I WILL keep you posted.
I really hope this works. With Dave's and my own research, it seems like it will work. There's really nowhere else to look because, as I eventually found out , the relay for the headlights is embedded in the switch.
To replace the relay you have to replace the switch.
Btw I also ran ODBII (have my own reader) on the car and nothing showed up there either.

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