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Ended up getting the one from your link.
They look pretty good and they're "new".
I bet the switch is the problem.
I mean, I've checked just about everything in between..
HL bulbs replaced ...still works on flashing high beams, but not constant.
Checked all the fuses.
I noticed something else too.
When I pull the switch back, to flash the high beams, the high beam indicator (the blue light) on the cluster comes on.
When I push the switch forward into the high beam position, the high beam indicator on the cluster doesn't come on.

If the new switch doesn't work, at least I've replaced it with a new part that's relatively cheap (39.00 vs what the dealer would probably charge least 100) and that's one more link in the problem that the dealer can't charge me for, because I know it's new...
Dealer need new headlights
Me ...uh no I don't those are brand new
Dealer ...You need a new multifunction switch
Me ...nope try again, and I hope your not charging me labor time while your coming up with these fixes I already know aren't the problem....
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