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Headlights Not Working

Hello good people,

I have yet another problem with my 2008 Kia RIO5 SX.
This time a bit more serious than my other small problems.
I've always gotten good advice and help here, so let's try his one.

My headlights will not come on, but let me explain a little.
My low beams and high beams will not light up.
The high beams will light up when you pull the light switch towards you, what would be considered a flash.
But when I place the light switch in the forward position lock the highs on, they don't come on.
The low beams won't come on no matter what I do.
All the other outside lights work ...brake, parking, plate, fog, etc...
I've changed the bulbs out and still get the same results.

I've heard, and read, on here to check the headlight fuse and relay.
I've found the fuse and it looks good, but I can't locate the relay.

I've also read that in an extreme case it may be the switch itself???

Could somebody tell me where the relay is located and what the label of it is?
Because I'm not seeing it under the hood in the relay tray there. Or maybe I am and it's just labeled something else???

Luckily I have another car that I can drive after dark, but it sure would suck to get caught out after dark in this car where the headlights don't work.
This is the first major problem I've had with the car.
I have had some smaller problems which I have been able to take care of due to help from this forum.

Thanks in advance!

2008 KIA Rio5 SX, Metallic Sunset Orange, 16" Alloy Wheels, Power Package, Tinted Windows, Rostra Cruise Control.
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