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Originally Posted by Air Rio View Post
Well, got in my car yesterday to go back home from work and I noticed my radio did not come on. So nothing was working...bluetooth, rearview camera, etc. It was completely dead. So I drove back home thinking maybe it will reset itself once I turn the car off and back on. Well...that didn't work. So then I thought...I'll see what happens this morning when I start the that still didn't do anything. So my next step is when I get home today is to check the fuse to see if that's okay. I would hate to have to go to the dealer for something as simple as fingers crossed.

Just wanted to see if anyone else had a similar issue with their radio. I did notice a couple of times in the past where it would not come on initially, but eventually it starts going.
Had the same issue, stopped working three time in two months. Came back by itself. Talked to dealer and they are replacing the whole unit which is on order as of today. It is a manufacturing problem and the dealer admits it as quite a few have reported the same issue. Just wondering that in first year of ownership two major items already have been replaced including the fuel pump, what it will happen once the warranty is over...
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