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Originally Posted by stewart55024 View Post
Instead of going to all that work tell your dealer you will only buy if they give you free oil and tire rotation for as long as you own the automobile? I have done this at least 6 different times with different dealers and they all cave in.
I guess if you want the "lowest bidder" oil in your car, that's a nice strategy. I plan to keep this vehicle for quite some time and I'd like to choose *exactly* the type and quality of oil that goes inside, thanks.

"All that work"??? It took 10 minutes. When it's time to rotate my tires, I'll do that too. That will likely take about 10 minutes as well since I've got a pair of floor jacks, a compressor, and an air impact gun. Compare that to the 1 hour round trip ride to/from the dealer, the wait while they get around to dealing with the car, and then the expense in both money and my lost thanks.

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