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Originally Posted by PLP View Post
I thought I would bump in here.

As 30k is getting closer I decided to call dealer to ask for 30k service cost. Well, they call for about 500 USD. Sounds a lot for me...
Anyway, they claim transmission oil must be changed, while my manual does NOT. It says to change it at 105k miles...

So - who is right?

I was going to change it anyway myself, so questions.

did you change oil filter too? How was the whole process? did you get the tranny hot first? Or you did it on cold?
How much did you pay for oil?
Anything else, what you think may be important...
PLP, the owners manual does indeed say that the only mandatory fluid change is at 105,000 miles with only "inspections" till then. The dealers, though, follow the "severe service" guidelines on the next page. My personal usage does not fit any of the severe service guidelines but had mine changed at 42K as they said it was getting dirty. I believe all the dealers latch onto the severe service guidelines as this is a very high profit procedure. With the right equipment they can change the fluid in a few minutes and bill for hours. You cannot talk to them about this, though, as all you will get is the threat of voiding your warranty if you don't do what they say.

By the way the dealer I used charged $195 and changed all the oil using a machine that even replaced the oil in the torque converter. The rest of the maintenance was pretty easy to do myself and/or with a local shop.
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