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I cant blame you about hassle avoidance.

My only reason for using something other than kia oil was the sight of the drain plug ! Made me feel as if this fluid was an abraisive rather than a lubricant.

I had pulled the plug and was planning on getting kia oil up to the point of seeing the ferrous particles on the magnetic plug. I am not keen on pure synthetics and when I saw the blend, I figured what the heck.

As with you, shifting is improved and perhaps its my imagination, but the overall loudness of the engine / trans which is really quite quiet, became even quieter to the point my wife even noticed.

Looking forward to another 30k or so before next oil change. I am at 35k now.

Just did front brakes and rotors yesterday I need to log in the record book. New tires too, one had a tread seperation a week ago, Optimos.
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